• At Ecoman Biotech we are fully committed and involved with the entire cycle of our products: from R&D to field trials and monitoring stations, to manufacturing facilities and educational programs for the correct and most effective integrative usage and management of our products for long-term pest control.

    Dr.Jinping Du


    Born to a rural family in Hubei Province, China

    Dr.Jinping Du

    Dr.Jinping Du is a veteran entomologist and an expert in crop protection with over 30 years of experience and a successful entrepreneur in applied agricultural technology. He has a PhD from the University of Cambridge and later an MBA from Durham University. While he likes scientific research and enjoyed his academic life in renowned institutes, he was more interested to bring scientific innovations to the real world. He decided to resign from his research position in Durham University and started a business in crop protection in China where he has been focusing on applying his knowledge to solve problems for the farmers. Working on various projects involving industry gave him a great opportunity to see how technology in the lab can be applied into future products. One of Dr.Du and his team’s significant achievement in modern crop protection is their successful control of Chinese Citrus Fly (Bactrocera minax) in millions of acres of citrus orchards, an epidemic that caused great losses and damage to the citrus industry. As a British national, Dr.Du wanted to relocate and expand his R&D capacity on pest control technology and products so that people worldwide would benefit from them.

    Personal Profile


    Graduated in Plant Protection from Huazhong Agriculture College, Wuhan


    Completed his Masters  in Entomology from China Agricultural University, Beijing


    Moved to the UK on receiving full scholarship to study Biochemistry in Cambridge University


    PhD in Durham University


    Worked as a senior research associate in the Dept. of Biological Sciences in Durham University


    MBA from Durham Business School


    Returned to China and founded Ecoman Biotech.

  • Beijing Ecoman Biotech Co., Ltd.

    In the last 13 years, Ecoman Biotech has established a full framework from research to manufacturing to marketing. The company's management and R&D center is based in the Headquarters, in Haidian district, Beijing. Its marketing office - "Great Biotech Co., Ltd" is located in Wuhan. And the manufacturing unit - "Hubei Longxiang Biological Co., Ltd" is located in Jingzhou, Hubei. Both the companies are wholly-owned subsidiary of Ecoman Biotech.

    Ecoman biotech and its subsidiaries are experienced and fully committed in green pest control, smart pest monitoring and professional pest control service. It got listed in the  NEEQ(National Equities Exchange and Quotations) with stock code: 832782 as on July, 2015.

    Headquarter in Beijing

    Longxiang Biological Co., Ltd


    Ecoman is committed to providing green, professional and intelligent solutions for pest control by introducing environmentally responsible and cost-effective products and services. It greatly reduces the environmental risks associated with synthetic agrochemicals, providing proven practical solution for broad-spectrum pest control.


    To be a professional plant protection service enterprise providing reliable products with advanced technologies at the most affordable price and become an influential enterprise in the international green pest management industry.

    Ecoman Biotech was founded by Dr. Jinping Du in the year 2007. It specializes in Green Pest Management Technologies (GPMT) delivering highly effective bio-control solutions that address important global environmental challenges. It is dedicated to delivering environmentally responsible pest management solutions that are safe for people and the environment.

  • High-Tech Enterprise in Zhongguancun

    Utility Patents

    Patents for an Invention

    As a pioneer in Green Pest Control and Intelligent Pest Remote Monitoring, Ecoman has its own R&D team and is fully devoted to creation of new products. Ecoman has 8 new invention patents, 12 software copyright registration certificates and 30 utility model patents, which includes all the fruit fly control products, AI monitoring and other pest control products & services.


    Ecoman has been ranked on top among the high-tech enterprises in Zhongguancun, China's first national high-tech industrial development zone, for the 3rd time since 2018.

    TELEMO receives  Pioneer Certification in AI Monitoring devices

    TELEMO, the automated real time pest monitoring device,  is awarded the pioneer in AI monitoring technologies in China. 

    Pesticide Business License

    Great® Fruit Fly Bait (GFFB) is the only pesticide registered in China for fruit fly control. Ecoman has obtained the license to do pesticide business in China. 

    Vice Chairman Certificate

    Ecoman is appointed as the Vice Chairman of the National Innovation Committee (a non government organization led by the Forestry dept.) for intelligent monitoring of forestry pests.

    Ecoman has received the ISO certification for Management system (ISO 9001: 2015 & ISO 14001:2015) for sales of agricultural machinery and equipment (plant protection equipment).

    ISO Certification

  • Management Team


    Xueliang Sui, General Manager, Master’s in Forest Protection. Intrepid & optimistic leader with an excellent analytical mind. Expertise in crop and forest protection, pheromone-based pest monitoring devices, and light-manned aircraft in precision agricultural applications. 

    Sui Xueliang

    Wang Xiuying

    Xiuying Wang, Director Finance - In charge of financial planning, risk management and investment decisions.

    Dr. Du jinping

    Dr.Jinping Du, Founder & Chairman, inspiring, passionate and enterprising leader, with 30+ years of experience in applied agricultural technology. Selected as a national expert in the Government’s “Thousand talents program”.

    Mr. Haibo Yue, Director IT, 15+ years of experience in software development, automatic communication, and light UAV design and manufacture. 

    Yue Haibo

    Xinghui Liang, Director R&D, 12+ years experience in R&D on entomology and crop protection science. Masters’ in Plant Protection from the Institute of Plant Protection, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. 

    Liang Xinghui

    Dan Fei

    Dan Fei – Director HR. Strong sense of ethics & effective communicator. Great motivator, creates an enjoyable work environment for the teams to work, learn and grow.

    Chen Sihai – Co-Founder & Member of Company’s Board of Directors. Currently serves as Manager of Longxiang Biological Co., Ltd. A passionate leader with rich entrepreneurial experience.

    Chen Sihai

    Liu Hongan

    Liu Hongan – Director Sales & Marketing - 12+ years of sales & marketing experience. Excellent communication, networking, organizing & planning skills. Key figure in the company’s marketing, public relations and community efforts.

  • Ecoman's Journey Over the Years

    Implemented successful area wide fruit fly control trials in Thailand & Ghana.
    Selected as the Haifan enterprise (Star enterprise with international competitiveness) of Zhongguancun Haidian Park in 2014.


    Received Venture Capital Funding of 75000 USD from Gold seed Investment in Haidian Entrepreneurship Park.


    The year of 2009

    Production started for Great fruit fly bait (GFFB) product for controlling fruit flies.
    Hubei Great Biotech Co., Ltd. was established.
    Dr. Jinping Du, founder of Ecoman Biotech (founded in year 2007) was selected into the national thousand talents' program 
    Acquired Longxiang Biological Co., Ltd. which was established as the manufacturing unit for the company's products.


    Annual sales for the company reached upto 9 million USD.
    The GPASS project covered approximately 150000 acres.
    Implemented successful area wide fruit fly control trials in Nepal & Indonesia.
    More than 1500 TELEMO stations for automated pest monitoring were installed.
    More than 100 comprehensive pest observation sites were identified.


    Annual sales reached upto 7.45 million USD.
    The GPASS project  covered approximately 112000 acres.
    Ecoman was awarded the national high-tech enterprise certificate for the 3rd time.


    Annual sales recorded as 4.47million USD.
    The GPASS project covered approximately 33000 acres.



    Ecoman Biotech completed shareholding reforms.

    TELEMO, the automated real time pest monitoring device, received the Beijing New Technology Product Certificate.
    Got listed on NEEQ (National Equities Exchange & Quotations)
    After listing, the company's valuation went up to 4.54 million USD in the first round of private placement.
    The manufacturing unit Longxiang Biological Co., Ltd. received recognition as an academician expert workstation.
    Great Professional Agricultural Spraying Service (GPASS) project was launched.


    Received Venture Capital funding of 2.83 million USD from Tus Venture Capital, Zhonghai Equity Fund.
    TELEMO, the automated real time pest monitoring device, received the first innovative technology equipment award by Zhongguancun


    Obtained the pesticide production qualification certificate by the Insititute for the Control of  Agrochemicals of the Ministry of Agriculture, China.
    Annual sales recorded at 1.49 million USD approximately.
    Received the high-tech enterprise certification.