Fruit Flies – A threat to the horticulture industry

Fruit Fly Control – Mass baiting with GREAT® fruit fly bait (GFFB)

Ecoman Bucket Trap & Fall Armyworm lure used for monitoring/controlling fall armyworm (Spodoptera frugiperda). Simple and easy to use

A short film explaining implementation of ECOMAN BIOTECH's high-tech, successful Area Wide Control Program (#AWCP​) for Chinese Citrus Fly using GREAT Fruit Fly bait (#GFFB​), in Hubei Province, China (2012), with the support of the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture.

Four farmers from the Eastern Region in Ghana share their experiences on fruit fly control: 1) How to build a fruit fly trap for monitoring. 2) How to install it in the tree. 3) How to use a protein bait to control fruit flies. 4) The role of farm hygiene in fruit fly management. Ecoman Fruit fly trap and Great Fruit Fly Bait have been well performed in Ghana.

Ecoman Mini Trap used for monitoring fruit flies. Simple and easy to use.

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Food baits can be used as a spot spray or in bait stations. Fruit flies can detect food baits over short distances, up to 10 metres. Some baits contain a natural insecticide that is allowed in organic fruit production.

Area Wide Control Program for fruit flies in Sweet Orange Orchard, Junar Super Zone Sindhuli, Nepal

 Great Fruit Fly Bait - last dinner for fruit fly