Case 3-Hubei 2012

In Hubei province, China: Ecoman Biotech initiated an Area Wide Control Program (AWCP) demonstration plot consisting of 140 Ha of Citrus orchards, to achieve efficient fruit fly control over the Chinese citrus fly, Bactrocera minax (Enderlein), using Great® fruit fly bait. Click here for video -


Hubei Province Citrus

Hubei province is part of China’s famous “Green Belt”, consisting of many crops and plantations. Among them the Citrus crops are cash money to many farmers. The suitable climate and soil make Hubei an important citrus production region in China.


img2However, the main fruit fly species for Citrus crops in China is the Chinese Citrus Fly Bactrocera minaxEnderlein, posing as a major pest of economic imporatance for Chinas citrus growing regions, esp. the “Green Belt” Regions.


After spraying the Great ® Fruit Fly Bait, both male and female Chinese Citrus Fly are observed to feeding on the bait.

The special odor is irresistible to them and the liquid droplets at suitable size can be easily accessed by their spongy mouthparts.

While the bait is area-wide used, all the fruit flies are attracted to feed on the bait and got killed by the tiny amount of killing agent inside.




Dr. Du jinping is invited to introduce the fruit fly damage and the control methodology of Great® Fruit Fly Bait and the Area Wie Control Program. And the local farmers are really glad been involved in this new technology for fruit fly control.



Financial and Resource Benefits

Ecoman Biotech’s product reduce the amount of resources used and thus save significant amounts of spending, while contributing to the environment and increasing local awareness to more environmentally responsible practices.

The results clearly proved: An innovative bio-based pest control product, mixed with expert technical support and good organizational work contributed to an excellent outcome in significantly reduced fruit damage rates, to the benefit of the farmers, growers, and consumers.

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