Case 5-Samut Sakhon, Thailand, 2015

During January 2015, we implemented AWCP in a total area of about 136 acres in Wanbiao County, Samut Sakhon Province, Thailand. The demonstration plot involved 20 farmers households growing several crops like - Mango,rose apple,guava,grape,lemon,longan, mostly infested by Oriental Fruit Fly, Bactrocera dorsalis, (Hendel).


136 Acres Trial Area & Monitoring layout of trap placement

Local Conditions in the Trial Area


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Fragmented farms; Different terrain (“canal agriculture”), leading to increased FF activity due to existing water level around the crops; mixed & inter-planted crops, long FF season, etc.


Monitoring the trial area helped us gather real-time data on the FF situation as well as provide a more accurate analysis and efficacy comparison of results, before, during and after the baiting stage.


In parallel to monitoring, we gave training sessions in class and on-site demonstration to farmers and designated sprayer teams explaining about our AWCP methodology, the FF dynamics etc. The spraying activity was supervised by local plant protection staff and our technical experts, to determine the spraying site layout.


Trial Result and Analysis

This routine of weekly monitoring and timely spraying for 3 months gave the following results:

Fruit Damage Rate

In April 2015, fruit damage rate involving 10 farms in treated and untreated plots was investigated. The average fruit damage rate in treated plot was 1.96 percent while in untreated was 38 percent. Hence, the fruit damage rate due to fruit flies was significantly reduced in plots treated with GFFB.


Through the success of this trial case, few more townships in the same province showed their interest in implementing AWCP in their plots.

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