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Ecoman® All-Electronic Mini Meteorological Station

Ecoman® All-Electronic Mini Meteorological station adopts intelligent wireless communication and global positioning technology, which enables high anti-interference precision, automatic north-finding and level correction. It can monitor multiple factors like airspeed, wind direction, rainfall, total radiation, atmospheric pressure, air temperature and humidity. It is designed in the shape of a hagdon, has a premium coating with anti-stick and anti-pollution characteristics. It is easy to install. 


 ☆ Product features


  • Can monitor multiple atmospheric factors
  • Intelligent IOT technology and global positioning
  • High precision and anti-interference
  • Smallest Systematic wind drag in similar products
  • Light weight approximately 1/43rd the weight of same device in steel 


 ☆ Technical Parameters


  • It includes a remote transmission system, solar system, air temperature and humidity sensor, ultrasonic wind speed and wind speed integrated sensor, kinetic energy rainfall sensor, and atmospheric pressure sensor.
  • The data is accessible anytime, anywhere from a computer or cell phone with Internet access. The data can be downloaded, stored and analyzed locally.
  • The inbuilt GPS Positioner can send messages by GPRS to the background server. When the device is in vibration or removed, the alarm messages will be automatically sent to the designated phone number.
  • Standard IP67 waterproof rating
  • Automatic north finding, zero correction and level correction
  • The body and frame are made of aviation aluminum alloy and the vertical pole is made of ultra-light carbon fiber. It has a streamlined shape and uses ultrasonic velocity sensor after aerodynamic optimization.
  • Atmospheric Pressure Measurement Range: 880~1080hPa, Resolution: 0.1hPa, Measurement Accuracy: 1 hPa.
  • Relative Humidity Measurement Range: 10~90%, Resolution: 1%, Measurement Accuracy: 3%.
  • Outdoor Temperature Measurement Range: -40~65 ℃, Resolution: 0.1, Measurement Accuracy: 0.5℃
  • Rainfall Measurement Range: 0~9999mm, Resolution: 0.2mm, Measurement Accuracy: 4%.
  • Wind Speed Measurement Range: 1~67m/s , Resolution: 0.01m/s, Measurement Accuracy: ±2%.
  • Wind Direction Measurement Range: 0~36°, Resolution: 0.01m/s, Measurement Accuracy: ±2%.