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Ecoman® IOT Pest Monitoring Light

Ecoman® IOT Pest Monitoring Light uses modern light, electricity, numerical control, wireless transmission and networking technologies to build an early warning pest monitoring system. This monitoring light integrates pest light-monitoring, photo capturing, environmental data collection, transmission and analysis functions, to realize trapped pest classification, statistical analysis, real-time reporting, remote detection, early warning and timely pest control. 

It is characterized by its stable performance, simple operation and flexible installation. It can be widely used in agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, vegetable farms, tobacco field, tea garden, medicinal herb gardens, orchards, green urban areas, quarantine areas etc.



 ☆Product Characteristics

 Accurate Real-time remote pest monitoring

It can collect, transmit and accept remote monitoring data on real time basis, hence it is possible to work on different monitoring sites simultaneously.

Strong data collection, processing and preservation

The data collected includes trapped pest data, exact time, exact location (longitude & latitude coordinates) of the monitoring site, temperature, humidity and other related information. With the powerful data storage function, the information retrieval is accurate and consistent. The data can be preserved for years and accessible at any given time.

 Efficient and Stable

The product is safe and reliable, with long service life of more than 10 years. It is provided with solar power technology, for easy maintenance. The operation is easy and the interface is friendly, and it can be customized based on client’s needs. In addition, the simple installation and commissioning make it easy for set up and use.

Flexible application function

It can be used for monitoring in different conditions, like pests in forestry, farmland or orchards.



Product Application

 ● It can be installed in field or orchard.

 ● Pictures of the trapped pests are available in the computer terminal along with the time, temperature, humidity and working status of the machine. 


 ☆ Product Advantage


 ● Automatic, accurate data monitoring and forecasting.

 ● Remote, real-time work control - Collect working status data and pictures.

 ● Data transmission through 4G technology - No need to lay optical fiber, easy to install.

 ● Simple maintenance & easy operation-The program can be updated remotely, and the device can be self-diagnosed and repaired.


  ☆ Technical parameters


 ● The production and inspection standards conform to the GB/T 24689.2-2009 Standard of Plant Protection Machinery  ● Insect pest Monitoring Light standard. The main structure is made up of stainless steel under the GB32080-92 Standard of Stainless Steel. Lamp frame material is made up of GB3280-80 Stainless Steel.

 ● Using optical, electrical and numerical control technology

 ● Trap light source: 20W frequency vibration tube (main wavelength 365nm)

 ● Rated Power: less than 200W

 ● Standby Power: less than 35W

 ● Working Voltage: AC220V or DC12V

 ● Insulation resistance: ≥2.5MΩ

 ● Design life: 10~15 years (except lamp and battery)

 ● Power Supply System: It supports two types of power supply - AC and DC. When it is supplied with DC, the monocrystalline silicon solar cell module ensures the solar panel power of more than 50Wp (according to the intensity of light irradiation). The high performance of UPS battery DC12V 200Ah can work normally for five days in rainy weather.

 ● Starting time of lamp: less than 5S

 ● Strike screen: Three pieces of glass set on each other at 120 degrees

 ● Control Radius of a single Lamp: farmland larger than 120m, forestry area larger than 80m.                    

 ● Working environment: Temperature between -40~85 °C, RH ≤95% rain (40 °C)

 ● Body size:630mm×720mm×2500mm

 ● Inbuilt camera system: Pixel 13 million

 ● DCRI rain & insect separation system: reaction time is less than 1s, rain & insect passage switching time is less than 3 seconds, rotation angle is 120 degrees

 ● GSS dead insect batch processing system: gear rotation speed 0~10 to /min, synchronous belt rate 0~10m/min

 ● Industrial 10.1 inches capacitance screen


 ☆ Wireless communication parameters


 ● Device Integration: Gateway with inbuilt 4G communication components, 10/100M network interface, RS-232 interface, RS-485 interface, PWM and USB Host interface, which can meet the wired access of various monitoring devices at the location and support 1100W pixel camera and cable access. By working with matched wireless transmission equipment, gateway can realize wireless access of long distance (1 km) video and access 7-inch resistive or capacitive touch screen.

 ● Data Acquisition: Supports real-time data acquisition and acquires data as per predefined configuration or as customized based on preferences by the administrator. It can get monitoring data from different kind of monitoring machines.