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Ecoman® Locust remote monitoring system

Ecoman® Locust remote monitoring system is designed with comprehensive understanding of locust behavior and its specific biological attractant, and combined with the light trap, automatic control technique and data remote transmission technology. The data of trapped locust can be recorded and transmitted on real-time basis. By using this system, we can predict the locust development at various locations and set early alarm for its control.



☆ Characteristics

● Strong Attraction: The specific spectrum of light on locust and its nymph and the specific food attractant together create strong attraction.

●  Highly Automated: Can trap, record, count and upload the data automatically. The data is available for review and analysis at any time. This will save the farmer from multiple trips to the field. 

●  Precise Monitoring Data: The average trapping rate is 7 times higher than the blank control, and the accuracy rate is over 90%. 

● Strong Field Applicability: Suitable for many locust-infected areas such as farmlands, grasslands, swamps, bench lands and other complex environments.

● Professional Data Analysis: Supports multiple icon display and diverse data presentation forms. The locust-developing trend can be analyzed from multiple areas at the same time.


Principle of Locust Trapping

Specific spectrum of light and specific food attractant can guarantee strong attraction, which is 7 times better than the blank control. The food attractant can last upto 2 months in the field.


Data Analysis

Data is stored, managed and analyzed in a centralized way. It can be used to predict the locust development at various monitoring sites. The data can be viewed and analysed in various ways, making it convenient for effective locust monitoring in different regions.  


Characteristics of Software

●  Real-time data management from various locations. Display monitoring site location and upload data on real-time basis, providing early warning information for timely control measures.


●  Support data query in list and icon analysis way. By collecting the population density of trapped locust, the data can be visually analysed by shadow mapping technique.