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Ecoman®Intelligent Rodent Monitoring System

Ecoman® Intelligent Rodent Monitoring system is designed to transform big data into meaningful insights in ecologically based rodent pest monitoring platform. It can intelligently collect and analyze the data of trapped rodent pests, which helps in rodent monitoring, hazard rating, risk analysis and management in agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and urban public health.


☆ System

It is composed of Intelligent Rodent Data Collection System, Pattern recognition system and Data Management System.

It integrates 7 technologies into one system as below.


  •  Functions

● Scientific Rodent Pest Monitoring Big Data 
● Shows occurrence and development pattern of rodent pests
● 24 hours real-time dynamic monitoring 
● Detailed and accurate regional data
● Smart threshold early alarm


☆ Working Principle


☆ Image Pattern Recognition


Rodent Pest Body Shape Analysis

Common Body Shape: Oval

Bent to one side

Body Stretching

Cured up: Looks round in shape

Smaller: Located near the corner or wall.



Length of the tail and the body

Size of the body

Contour Extraction of Rodent Pest

Fur color, Image Binarization, Outline

Result of the Backside line Analysis

Synthetic Body Minutiae Analysis


☆ Data Management System


☆Scope of Application


Forestry, Agriculture, Grass Industry, Animal Husbandry.