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Ecoman® ME Lure & Fruit Fly trap

Oriental fruit fly, is a species of Tephritidae fruit fly that is endemic to Southeast Asia. It was originated in the tropical & subtropical area in Asia and later invaded into most countries in Africa.


It has distinctive yellow and black markings on its thorax and abdomen, which may vary between flies. Two vertical yellow markings on the thorax and the dark T-shaped marking on the abdomen differentiate this species of fly from its close relatives.


The wings are clear with a continuous costal band. The adult body is around 8.0 mm in length, with wings approximately 7.3 mm in length. The female adult has a tapered ovipositor for depositing eggs in host fruits, while in male adults this ovipositor is notably absent.

It develops multiple generations per year. And the generation overlapping occurs frequently in most area, esp. in tropical countries and regions.


Monitoring is one of the most important steps in fruit fly control. With proper monitoring work, it will help understand the fruit fly population dynamics in the trial area. When the population is getting high to certain rank, extra application of bait products is required.

Male B. dorsalis respond strongly to methyl eugenol, which is used to monitor and estimate populations,




Multiple traps can be used, including McPhail trap, Stainer trap and even DIY traps. Different traps may vary a lot at its attraction efficacy, material, rainproof and convenience in transportation.

Ecoman® fruit fly trap is made of pure PE plastic. It contains a black cap and white bottle, which can cup together, which will save space during shipping. White cardboard is the holder for the lure.


During the occurrence season, we suggest to check the trapped fruit fly every 7 days and refill the lure every fortnight.