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Great® Professional Agricultural Spraying Service

In view of development of the Farmland Infrastructure and Agriculture Industry in China, Ecoman developed a professional plant protection service information platform. This helps to procure and independently develop a series of intelligent spraying equipment, suitable for China's agricultural needs in prevention of plant diseases and insect pests. To create an expertise strategy for complete plant protection. GREAT plant protection strategy is based on a scientific plant protection policy. It is highly efficient, accurate and timely executed application system also taking care of the green control concept to achieve effective control of pests and diseases in crop.


Three core systems of GPASS



Main characteristics of GPASS

Professional: GPASS professionalism is reflected in every aspect of its plant protection services, like determining the most accurate time, the most suitable pesticide, the most appropriate equipment and the most appropriate implementation method.

Efficient: with a variety of air and ground equipment, accurate tracking system, scientific scheduling and professional operations team, to achieve effective scheduling, quick operation, high quality and consistent spraying, the process is traceable.

Economic: By adopting more timely and correct methodology, the unit area investment will be less and the control effect will be better. Additionally, by shortening the pesticide distribution channel, the pesticide cost will be reduced drastically.

Worry free: Throughout the plant protection process, farmers enjoy a full range of plant protection services with a click at GREAT® plant protection platform.