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Ecoman® Microbial Fertilizer (for Nematodes)

Ecoman® Microbial Fertilizer (for Nematodes) contain a strain of Paecilomyces lilacinus and is available in powder formulation. 


The Paecilomyces lilacinus is able to colonize the eggs of phytophagous nematodes and the reproductive organs of female nematodes. It is manufactured by state-of-the-art fermentation technology and works as a nematode control agent, providing a more effective and environmentally friendly way of reducing nematode populations and root infestations in the soil, while stimulating yield.

Product features:

- Improves root growth, crop uniformity, plant vigor and quality by protecting the root zone and enhancing beneficial microflora.

- Prevents plant parasitic nematodes from invading, feeding and absorbing nutrients from crops with a control effect greater than 60%.

- Offers a sustainable alternative to harsh nematicide, making it an eco-friendly solution for use in organic farming crop production systems.

- Highly stable, stay alive in the soil microenvironment for a longer period.

- Convenient to use, applied once or twice during the growth cycle of crops.

-Highly active strains with active spores, powder formulation (1*109 spores/gm)



1 kg/bag, 10 bags/box.



Avoid wet and humid conditions. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight and store in a cool (at 4°C), dry and dark place.


Target Nematodes

Root knot (Meloidogyne spp.), cyst (Heterodera/Globodera spp.), lesion (Pratylenchus spp.), stubby root (Trichodorus spp.), sting (Belonolaimus spp.), burrowing (Radopholus similis), etc.



Cucumber, Potato, Tomato, Melon, cabbage, Tobacco, Peanut, etc.



Approximately 75  kilograms per hectare.





Application Method

Seed Breeding


Mixed with the soil organic matter as the base for seed breeding

Seed Sowing or Transplant


Option 1, Mixed with organic fertilizer and covered by ridges as base application


Option 2, Mixed with soil and applied in earth ditches


Success Cases


Comparison of Nematode infection in Cucumber crop P.lilacinus (left) and Blank Control (right)  Haidian, Beijing



Comparison of Nematode infection in Tomato crop  Blank Control (left) and P.lilacinus (right)   Zibo, Shandong Province, China


Comparison of Root Nematode infection in Cucumber crop treated with Avermectin (left) and P.lilacinus (right)  Haidian, Beijing