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Ecoman® CUE Lure

Bactrocera cucurbitae or melon fly, belongs to the family Tephritidae and has a wide range of host plants which are of great economic value, like bitter gourd, wax gourd, pumpkin, cucumber, towel gourd and winter squash.

In recent years, B. cucurbitae has been the primary pest on bitter gourd, seriously impacting its quality and yield in many regions.


The adult melon fly is 6 to 8 mm in length. Distinctive characteristics include its wing pattern, its long third antennal segment, the reddish yellow dorsum of the thorax with light yellow markings, and the yellowish head with black spots.




They have 5-8 generations a year. The second and third generation of B.cucurbitae devastate the most, matching with the growth cycle of the host plants during the June to September.

Monitoring is an action that is used to understand insect activity to make pest management decisions. And the surveillance to determine fluctuations in fruit fly populations is accomplished using traps with lure.

Trap catches are used to monitor the relative numbers of fruit flies in an area and changes in insect abundance over time. Monitoring results can be useful in gauging the impact of fruit fly control actions.

Cue lure is used for monitoring and controlling B.cucurbitae. It is recommended to use in combination with ECOMAN® Fruit Fly Trap.


The lure can also be used with DIY traps. During the occurrence season, we suggest to check the trapped fruit fly every 7 days and refill the lure every fortnight.