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Ecoman® Mimic Trap

Ecoman® Mimic Trap is developed based on the principle of fruit fly oviposition preference. By replicating the target fruit both in color and shape, it attracts the adult fruit flies, especially the female flies, to feed or lay eggs on it. It then gets stuck on the glue in the mimic trap.


This trap is waterproof, can last upto 20 days, and does not contain any toxic or harmful ingredient. It is green, safe and convenient to use. Mostly used for monitoring fruit fly population. It is also effective in controlling fruit flies while used in combination with other control strategies.

The main body is made up of EPS material, with a green coating like in orange fruit. The surface is evenly coated with high-efficiency sticky shellac. It is then wrapped with a release paper. The trap has a 15-20 cm wire at the top for installation.


Color & Size

Natural Green, quite similar to the Green fruit stage color

Diameter of the trap- 7.0 ± 0.3 cm

Surface area of the trap -  150 cm²

Packaging - 200 Units/Carton

Application Instruction

- Application Time: Usually installed during the adult emergence stage of the fruit flies. For instance, in case of Chinese Citrus fly (in China) it is between May to July. The application time will differ based on the fruit fly population cycle. The specific time can be determined based on the local pest population dynamics report. 

- Dosage: Install 1-2 traps in a gap of 3-4 trees. It is recommended to install 48-90 traps/acre. Replace it every 15-20 days for 2-3 times continuously. Based on the pest situation, increase the number of traps per acre as required.

- Installation: Ready to use. Tear off the release paper, install the trap at a height 1/3rd to half of the size of the citrus tree canopy, and replace it when the surface is covered with pests or the stickiness decreases significantly.


- While installing the trap, please ensure it does not collide with other objects causing adhesion or damage. 

- In case of accidental contact with the glue, wipe the skin with edible oil then wash it with detergent. Never use chemical organic solvents (such as rosin water, solvent oil, etc.) as it can cause skin damage.

- The quality guarantee period is 30 months. The production date is printed on the outer packaging.