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ECOMAN® Tuta absoluta Sex Pheromone Lure and Delta Trap

ECOMAN® Tuta absoluta Sex Pheromone Lure and Delta Trap

Tuta absoluta is a moth which belongs to the family Gelechiidae, also commonly known as South American tomato pinworm, tomato leafminer, tomato pinworm and South American tomato moth. It is a serious pest in tomato crops in Europe, Africa, Western Asia and South and Central America, with larvae causing losses upto 100% if not controlled effectively.


                                                               Adult                                                                      Larvae



The adult female tomato leafminer releases sex pheromone. The male traces the female due to the smell of the sex pheromone. They mate and the females’ lay eggs. Tuta absoluta Sex Pheromone lure is a biomimetic insect pheromone product, which has a significant and specific attracting effect on the target pests. The product uses high-tech carriers to continuously release synthetic pheromone compounds, attracting pests to supporting traps and disrupting the chances of females mating with the males. It therefore reduces the occurrence of offspring larvae and hence reduces the host plant damage rate due to the pest. It has high efficiency due to its specificity, easy application, monitoring and prevention. The lure has no adverse effects on bees, silkworms, fish and the surrounding environment, and can be used in all growth periods of crops.


Target pest: Tuta absoluta

Target crops: Tomato, eggplant, potato, green pepper, ginseng fruit, tobacco, etc

Dosage: 1-2 sets per hectare for monitoring, 15-45 sets per hectare for control based on the infestation level. The minimum gap between the traps should be 15 meters and replace the lure every 1-2 months.

Installation: In the tomato leafminer control area, place the traps in the field according to "five-point" method, preferably 10-15 cm above the height of the plant. The airflow at the installed location can also affect the trapping efficiency. It is very crucial to install the traps at the right time. Install the traps when the adult insect density is low. When the number of trapped insects in the trap is quite high, please clear the dead insects or replace the white sticky board.