Ecoman® Mini Fruit Fly Trap

Ecoman® Mini Fruit Fly Trap


Ecoman® mini fruit fly trap is designed based on the flight patterns of fruit flies and the release characteristics of pheromones. It is affordable, light weight and easy to operate with a high trapping rate. The product has a triple screw opening, which can be adapted to a variety of plastic bottles. Because of its unique structural design, it avoids direct exposure to sunlight, is rainproof and does not allow the fruit flies to escape easily. The product is recommended to be used with the fruit fly lures, and is an effective means to accurately monitor fruit fly pests, efficiently reduce the population density and guide precise application of pesticides.



Target pests: Bactrocera dorsalisBactrocera cucurbitae,Ceratitis capitata,Zeugodacus tau and all fruit fly species for which lures are available.

Product features

- It has a triple screw opening, which can be adapted to a variety of plastic bottles.

- It is economical and environment-friendly.

- It has four fan-shaped insect inlet structures, which can effectively attract target pests and prevent pests from escaping.

- It has a high-performance slow-release carrier ensuring a controlled release thereof.

- It has an exquisite and compact design and is easy to use.




Method of use

- Install a slow-release carrier on the central circular hole of the trap.

- Insert the lure and drop it on the sustained-release carrier.

- Screw the trap onto a suitable empty bottle (mineral water or beverage bottle).

- Install the traps during the initial stage of emergence of fruit flies. Hang it at a height of 10-20cm from the top of the crop. The height of the trap can be adjusted according to the growth of the crop. For best results, hang it in a well-ventilated place in the middle and upper leaf clusters of the crop. Hang a greater number of traps in the boundary areas than the areas within.

- Dosage: 2-12 traps/acre for monitoring and 12-30 traps/acre for mass trapping. The number of traps will vary based on the level of infestation.


- The position, height and air flow at the trap installation position will affect the trapping effect. The trap position can be adjusted according to the field conditions.

- Replace gloves when installing the lure, and wash hands in time after installation.

Installation video:


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