Case 2-Hunan 2011

In Hunan province, China: Ecoman Biotech led an Area Wide Control Program (AWCP) for control of the Chinese citrus fly, Bactrocera minax (Enderlein), in collaboration and support of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and the local plant protection agencies. The total area of the AWCP was 6,000 Ha.


Hunan Citrus Growing in China

Hunan province in China is well-known as a huge production and nursery area for oranges. However, due to the fruit fly problems, farmers in this area once quitted the orange farming and joined as the rural migrant workers in cities.


Shared values & methods

Ecoman shared our project goal and values with the local farmers and stakeholders, promoting involvement and better practice. After AWCP work for a season, farmers are pleased to see the good control result and the bumper harvest gave them hope to do orange farming again.


Hunan Showcase Results

The local country officials and the academia were invited for personally inspect the damage rate. They witnessed the good harvest and tasted the sweet result of application Great® Fruit Fly Bait.






According to reports conducted by experts for insect pest control from the academy and the local plant protection agencies, Great® fruit fly bait achieved highly effective fruit fly control, shown in reduced damage rates to crops and resulting in increased yield of 7.6 tons per Ha (valued approximately 2,300 USD/Ha).

2011-08-30 16:48
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