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Ecoman® Delta Trap



·       Trapping and killing a large number of pests

·       Monitoring insect population density and dynamics

·       Study the behavior of adult pests



Each set contains:

·       Sticky Trap Board (×1)

·       Installation Wire (×1)

·       Insect Lure (×1)

·       Delta Trap (×1)


1.       Unfold the Delta trap to form an A shape. Insert the small cardboard on one side of the Delta Trap into the holes on the other side to keep it intact. (Please see the picture below)

2.       Remove the release paper from the sticky trap board and insert it into the Delta trap with the sticky side facing up (to trap flies entering the Delta Trap).

3.       Take out the lure and place it onto the middle of sticky trap board

4.       Twist the installation wire (as shown in the picture below) and put it in the hole on top of the trap.



·       Replace the sticky trap board when it is fully covered with bugs, and replace lure every 2 to 3 months

·       Please use it as instructed for best results.

·       The height for trap placement is determined by the height of the crop plant and pest species. For example, the traps for the Oriental Fruit Moth in the garden are mostly set at a height of around 1.5 to 1.8 meters in the middle of the tree canopy. For Diamondback Moth, traps are often placed at a height just above the vegetables.


Prevention and Control: 75-120 Sets/Ha

Monitoring: 1-2 Sets/Ha