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ECOMAN® Peach Fruit Moth Lure


Most sexually mature female insects secrete a tiny amount of special chemical that attracts males to come and mate, allowing them to reproduce. Using this biological feature, pheromone lure technology artificially synthesizes various insect pheromones and slowly release them into the field to trap males, hence affecting the mating process.

This product is used for accurate monitoring of pest, has a significant effect on pest control, does not harm beneficial insects, and is safe for the human and animal environment. It is an ideal choice for pest control in organic orchards. It also conforms to the concept of green plant protection service.

Target Pest

The peach borer, also known as peach fruit moth, is widely distributed in jujube, apple, peach and other fruit producing areas in China, and also seen in Japan, North Korea and the Soviet Union. It occurs in 1-2 generations per year in Northern China. It infests various fruit crops like jujube, apple, pear, peach, hawthorn, date etc. In the early stages, the larvae submerge in the skin to feed on the flesh, making the skin concave and uneven. Then the fruit gets deformed, forming a "monkey head" fruit. In the later stages of larval development, they feed and defecate in the pulp, resulting in the so-called "bean paste".

Instructions for use

·       This product should be used along with Ecoman® Delta trap.

·       Install the trap according to the instructions. Place the pheromone lure in the center of the sticky trap board, and hang the trap on the shady side of the fruit tree at a height of 1.5-1.8 meters above the ground.


·       1-2 sets per ha for monitoring. Record the number of trapped moths every day. When the first male moth is attracted, it indicates that most of the larva are unearthed. Therefore, it is the best time to apply pesticides to control the unearthed larva.

·       75-120 sets per ha for mass trapping.

Time of Application

Pheromone trapping should ideally start when the pest population density is low, like during the overwintering season. Then the pest population growth can be suppressed and maintained under an economic threshold for a longer time. Traps for peach fruit moths can be applied in the early stages of overwintering adult occurrence (from late May to early June).


·       Please use it as soon as possible after opening.

·       The height of the trap should be adjusted according to the growth of the tree on timely basis. At any given time it should not be lower than the height of the fruits in the tree.

·       Replace the trap when more number of insects get stuck on it

·       Replace the lure when its attracting smell reduces (generally every 2-3 months)

·       Do not directly touch the lure with your hands. Wash hands before and after use

·       After use, the sticky trap board should be collected and disposed properly. It should not be disposed irresponsibly in the open environment.